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Colombian Geisha - Limited Edition

Grown and harvested on a Micro-Lot in Filandia Quindío, Colombia, this specialty coffee boasts the characteristics of sweet granadilla and peach with a hint of citrus and the classic floral aroma. This coffee has a creamy and silky body, great complexity, low acidity, and a well-balanced finish. 

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Gourmet Colombian

Le Jardin Colombian Gourmet coffee has a delicate combination of vanilla and almond overtones along with rich semi-sweet chocolate notes. These Arabica beans were grown in the mountains of Filandia district of Quindío, Colombia, at 5,050 feet above sea level, with the influence of volcanic soils due to its proximity to the Andes. 

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Espresso Blend

Our delicious and bold espresso blend has been specially crafted to bring you the perfect cup of coffee. Whether you decide to prepare a doppio, cappuccino or macchiato, you will always experience sharp and aromatic flavors. This blend was roasted in Miami, FL. 

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