Brew Guides

Coffee brewing guides

Making the perfect cup of coffee might seem easy, but it is actually an art. Below you will find the guidelines to brew the perfect cup of Le Jardin coffee at home.

Before we get started below are a couple of pretty important tips. 

A good grinder can have a big impact in brew quality. Burr grinders produce a much more even grind than blade grinders, which helps to provide a better extraction and more consistent extraction. 

Water quality is very important, not only because good filtered or spring water is always better for you, but also because it has a big impact in the taste of your coffee. The best water for brewing is free of chlorine, sulfur and iron. For the home brewer, we suggest spring or filtered water.

Le Jardin Gourmet Colombian

2 tablespoons of coffee
6 ounces / 170g of water 


1. Grind Beans for your brewing method (press, flat filter, cold filter, or espresso)

2. User 6 ounces of cold, filtered water.
3. Add 2 tablespoons of coffee.

Le Jardin Colombian Geisha
11g of ground coffee
200g of water

 - Use a heated stirring spoon. To heat the stirrer, place it in a cup of hot water.
 - Pre-wet filter with warm water to eliminate the taste of paper.


1. Add 11g of freshly ground coffee to the filter.

2. Heat water to 95 degrees celsius then make your first pour.

3. Bloom: Slowly pour 50g of water over the coffee and stir, moving through the mixture north and south five times, then east and west five times and repeat.

4. Place stirrer back into cup of hot water.

5. First Pour: pour in 75g of water, stirring around the outer rim one time. Wait about 15 seconds then make your final pour.

6. Pour in 75g of water, stirring again around the outer rim one time. Wait about 15 seconds then give the filter 3 hard spins.

Total brew time is about 5 and a half minutes.